30 DAY REELS CHALLENGE - The E-book and Prompts by Bree Designs

30 DAY REELS CHALLENGE - The E-book and Prompts

Welcome to the 30 Day Reels Challenge (do-at-your-own-pace)
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What's included:

✅ 60 Reels prompts

✅ Private Instagram page

✅ Mini Trainings

✅ Day 1-30 examples

✅ Downloadable PDF

✅ 30+ Tutorials

What you will gain:

✅ Confidence showing up

✅ Endless ideas for Reels

✅ Solid video editing skills

✅ The algorithm favouring you

✅ Sales - if you do it right!

What others are saying


What if I don't have the music feature?

That's completely okay! We've added three ways for you to add music to your Reels if you don't have the music feature.

What if I'm a complete newbie and I have no idea how to use Reels?

That's a completely normal feeling. Reels is a new feature to Instagram and we are all learning together. We've added tips, tutorials and how to use Instagram Reels inside the e-book and private Instagram page

What if I can't share Reels to my feed?

You can still participate in the challenge even if you can't share a Reels to your feed. You can upload your Reels to your explore page, and optionally you can save your video and re-upload as a normal video on your feed.

Is this a live challenge?

This is a "do at your own pace" challenge. This means you can take your time.

Will I see results for my business?

If you follow my “Bree Tips” inside the e-book you WILL see results on Instagram Reels.
If you don't see results, you are more than welcome to come into my Instagram DM's and get actionable tips on how to improve.

If I'm a complete newbie, is there a course where I can learn it all?

Yes, you can purchase Natasha's course ($197 USD) which also gives you access to the private Instagram page.

Do I get access to the private Instagram page?

Yes! You will get access to the @30dayreelschallenge Instagram page. We currently are setting up accountability groups (where you can meet other people who are in the same boat as you). So it's better not to wait!

Are you having payment issues?

You can purchase through Shopify here

Meet Bree!

Hey I'm Bree, owner of Bree Designs. I am an Instagram coach focussed on helping business owners sell on Stories with ease and build organic growth!